T2QuickNet - The thin, self-adhesive heating mat

underfloor heating

The thin T2QuickNet mat is the ideal solution for renovation – especially for tile floors. The ultra-thin (3 mm) mat is laid directly in the filler or tile adhesive. It can be installed on all subfloors which are sufficiently insulated and conforming to applicable building regulations. T2QuickNet exists in two versions: T2QuickNet 90 can be used on all solid subfloors and T2QuickNet 160 when more output and a faster heat up time is required.

Self adhering, low profile floor heating mat for installation immediately under ceramic tiles or natural stone. T2QuickNet Plus 160 is sold as a complete pack consisting of a pre-terminated floor heating cable installed on a fiber glass mat and a Timer thermostat. T2QuickNet Plus 160 is the ideal floor heating system when quick heat up time is required. It increases the comfort at home and in the office as well as in your showroom or entrance hall.