There is a smart underfloor heating solution for every situation:


underfloor heatingFor new construction… Planning for T2 floor heating in new construction has several advantages. You can adjust joists and flooring materials in such a way that you eliminate the irritation of having to add height to your floor. Your heat will also be “invisible” since there will be no obstructing and often intrusive radiators.

For renovations

The T2 products provide a real solution for renovation applications due to the size of the products. Ranging from just 3mm thick heating mat solutions, T2 can be implemented without extensive sub-floor redesign.

Suitable for most floors and all solid sub floors

The T2 floor heating system can be installed under most floor types (tile, wood, laminate). The great advantage with under floor heating is that you can install it on most kind of sub floor constructions, in accordance with current building regulations.Heat can also be provided in areas currently lacking a suitable heat source.

12 year warranty

This warranty does not include preparatory work, i.e., works involved in locating the product and restoring the floor. Negligible magnetic fields. In the vicinity of electrical appliances, such as household appliances and home electronics, electric and magnetic fields may form. Since the heating cable is continuously switched on wherever people are present, it is important to choose a heating cable that does not emit unnecessary electric or magnetic fields. T2 products are made in such a way that they emit the lowest possible electric and magnetic fields, well below the supposed marginal values presently being discussed.

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